Mindful Harassment

Mindfulness is a state of active, open attention on the present. When you're mindful, you carefully observe your thoughts and feelings without judging them, good or bad. Instead of letting an attractive person pass you by without comment or intrusion, mindfulness means living in the moment and awakening to your current experience, rather than dwelling on the past or anticipating the future.

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Awaken Your
Authentic Harasser

Your Mindful Mantra

Don't just look, leer.
Don't just swallow, devour.
Don't just sleep, blackout.
Don't just think, connive.
Don't just exist, conquer.
- Unknown
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Getting Started

Mindful Harassment in 3 Easy Steps

Step 1.
Location and Target

The greatest thing about mindful harassment is that it can be practiced anywhere... Sitting, walking in the park, flying, anywhere in the great state of Alabama, riding public transportation, shithole countries, eating in a restaurant, government buildings, at work, in some kitchen watching some bitch wash your dishes, and so on.

It really is quite miraculous.

The versatility of harassment by nature is empowering. Wikipedia lists the following types of harassment: Electronic, Landlord, Mobile, Online, Police, Power, Psychological, Racial, Religious, Sexual, and Workplace.

We feel this list is somewhat limited but appreciate that three of our five favorite "P"-words are included. The subject of your harassment is meaningless, anyone you choose to target will already lack most qualities that you value in a human being.


Mindful Harassment in 3 Easy Steps

Step 2. Breathing and Feeling

Once you're quiet, comfortable, and self-centered, lightly place your attention on your breathing. Observe as it effortlessly rises and falls, much like the flowing in and out of the tide. Focus your intent so it is as subtle, and endlessly persistent as a wave rippling toward the shore, then slowly receding, steady and peaceful and beautiful, causing the coastline to erode and crumble into the sea.

Feel your power and intent rise, sharpen your focus on your target, being mindful of her or his or its pathetic nature. Let your thoughts flow freely, embracing the negativity without judgement, visualizing possible ways to create physical or emotional isolation in your target. Imagine how you might foster uncertainty and insecurity. Revel in the power of guilt, know that imposing it this is natural and normal as you imagine creative new ways to apply pressure.

See yourself anew, refreshed, as a cyclone or tsunami, nothing can prevent your pure, destructive nature.


Mindful Harassment in 3 Easy Steps

Step 3.

Acknowledge your progress,
love yourself.

Love yourself. Know that it is ok for you to express your love for yourself in any way you feel, either alone or in front of others. Let go of any judgement you feel and focus on reviving your intent and strengthening your mindfulness.

Acknowledge your progress. Speak positively to yourself. When you have negative thoughts, acknowledge them and let them go. Focus on saying positive things in your inner dialogue. Note the good aspects of each situation. When you feel frustrated acknowledge how you feel then purposefully shift your attitude into congratulating and rewarding yourself. Love yourself.

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Wise words from an honored Guru:
“Men don’t really have judgment, they have intent. They just want to spray the world with their cum, with their mist.”
-- Louis CK: 2017

MBH Support

You are not alone

As you proceed on your path as a Peaceful Predator™ - be sure you have the support system you need to be successful. The road of Mindfulness Based Harassment (MBH)™ is littered with stones and the bodies of the Unworthy. Know that you are NOT alone.

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